Saturday, October 15, 2011


optional exclusion. people can’t accept it. like tellin someone the sea is magenta. or realising you’re alone. but it’s an empowering thing to do. you’re taking the upper hand in a way.refusal.that’s the realist shit on road.
just say no.remember that’s what they tried to peddle to us about drugs? flip it back on em. JUST SAY NO. or even better, you can just be silent. if you keep your fuckin ears open instead of trying not to piss your pants and burst into tears, one of the opening lines any pig will deliver to you and something which any crook or follower of the bill (r.i.p) should will know, is this:
how fuckin wicked is that. it’s your right. niggas can’t be trying to electrocute your length if you choose no to talk to then because it’s your right.
so shut the fuck up.
you stupid fucking morons who open your mouths to the cops, who try to plea, beg, suck their way out of trouble, jail, moral tumult, deserve to get raped by the best hung motherfucka on the wing. just don’t say anything.
and to those snitches, those dickless, betraying, lying, life ruining, pieces of shit. you ain’t even got any excuse, cause you coulda just shut your fucking mouths. especial mention goes out to TURES who snitched on all of DPM and got them sent to jail, years on bail, fucking turmoil like your life’s on hold, and still went to jail for 10 months!
see, you coulda just kept shtum like the rest, you were gonna go guilty anyway so why send all your mates down? oh, wait, it’s because you actually believed the BTP when the nice man in the interview room said “come on mate, if you help us out we can have a word with the judge and get you a suspended sentence…” yo how naive do you really want to be? the police are NEVER THERE TO HELP YOU. if you’re in fucking custody, then it’s too fucking late. they ain’t got any sway over judges or magistrates, trust me. in fact they find it repugnant when some slimey fucking creepy arse sniffing pig is in court “yes your honour no your honour three bags full your honour”.
shameless. and nobody has done anything to him. it’s always the way with snitches, they get away with it. like this australian cunt who was in AMF and snitched on his pal that was one of the only ones to get away…..
“who were you with?”,
“jake (mumbles)”
“jake who?”
“jake shumack”.
yo and props to fuckin jake aka ooake aka oo. you know what he did? when the choppers came and everybody else scattered, my man went under the train and where he was so fucked (pissed, stoned, acid, christmas day…my AMF niggas keep it too real) he fell asleep. when he woke up, everything was sweet. then that fucking cunt snitched him up in his interview. sunny d did bash the cunt but he never got the full stomp out he deserved.
know how real TOXIC 11 is? back in the day ELEMENT snitched up MYTH by writing his full name and address either on tracks or a tube, i forget. anyway, ELEMENT still went to prison or whatever, and people heard this story on the grapevine but nothing much happened. but TOX saw him out years later and banged him up with a can of stella in a little frenzy. i asked him outright about ELEMENT snitching on MYTH and he told me what happened. so despite what everyone thinks, ELEMENT IS A FUCKING SNITCH.
and speaking of which, here’s the latest dirty little rat to surface on the scene…OSNE. this one is a real winner. back when he got nicked in bristol as a result of PANIK’s arrest (no comment) they raided his houses in london and bristol simultaneously. he standardly had an OSNE sketch in his yard, bare flicks on his computer, bait texts etc. etc. and ended up getting sent down for 18 months. just after he got sentenced they raided several people as a result of photos they retrieved from OSNE’s house, so to put it bluntly he jumpstarted their case somewhat. so niggas was already pissed with him but when you’ve known someone for years you allow things, everyone makes mistakes.
so we all thought he’d served his time, were pleased to see him. corks got popped, zoots got bunned. but then all of a sudden the people who BTP arrested got their evidence through. lo and behold, in the transcripts of OSNE’s trial, which nobody had attended otherwise we’d have know before he went down, he grassed up daniel halpin and accused him of being tox.
“is daniel halpin tox?”
it’s in black and fucking white. as a result, danny and NICK ROWLEY THE DON are inside isis and scrubs respectively. danny’s been in there all fucking year it’s a piss take. 26 months for graffiti? takes your breath away. how many time do you hear about abusive spouses, drunken street brawelers, unlicensed drivers, all getting considerably less than that.
it’s not justice. it’s a load of hypocritical, capitalist bullshit.
and that’s the fucking point.
i don’t care anymore. it isn’t a just world. nothing is fair. the system’s geared toward class divisions, enormous wealth divisions and endemic corruption. so i’m not gonna be judged by it anymore.
do what you do. batter it with grout tags. raise a new ralphie. vault the gates at the station. dine and dash. go steal a copy of steal this book by abbie hoffman. accept it.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011